The Extremely Easy and Fast Ductape Wallet!




This instructable will make a duct-tape wallet with almost no effort

Step 1: Card Slots

Get some duct-tape, and cut off about two feet.
Now, take a credit card, and rap it with duct-tape so the sticky side faces out.
Repeat this step about four to five times.

Step 2: The Card-Wallet

Stick all of the card-slots together, make sure that they are all alligned equally.
Next, cut a piece of tape that is slightly wider than the bottom of the stuck-together card-slots.
Next, cut a piece of tape the length of the wallet, and stick the previously cut piece so it is under it.
Next, cut a piece of tape 1+1/2" longer than a card, wrap it around the card-slots so it wont stick to your pocket.
Your done with the slots.

Step 3: The Money-Clip

Cut some pieces of tape the lengths of which should be:
Take the 2" and 3/4" pieces, and stick the 3/4" pieces 3/4" in from one end, and fold the other end down 1/2 an inch.
Take the 4-1/8" piece, and place it dead-center in the middle of the long piece, so it is flush at the top.
Next, fold the other half of the 4-1/8" piece over itself, and stick the 2" piece on the top of it.
Next, use the last piece to secure the pocket and cover to the main strip.

Step 4: Applying the Money-Clip

Take the money-clip piece, and wallet in hand. Hold the change-pocket to the middle of the wallet, and press the stick side(lacking the flap) and then press the other side to the back of the wallet.
Your wallet can hold up to twice as many cards as there are pockets, and up to 200 bills in the clip. To open the clip, grasp the flap, and pull it from the back of the wallet. put folded in half money on the front of the wallet, and fold+secure the money-clip over the money.



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    35 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    From humble origins a good duct tape wallet is made,enough said...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    TWO HUNDRED bills??? Folded? is that supposed to be 20 maybe? Has anyone made this and tried to fit 200 bills in it? Why the argument about the name brand. This should be a topic of discussion.

    I would violate the "be nice" policy right now to shout out your ignorance, however I will hold myself back from the risk of being banned.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I am going to, partially, violate this rule to call you out for being a fool and not Googling.

    The term "duck tape" stems from the initial use of this tape, in the Navy, where it was called so due to its effective water repelling properties, much like a ducks feathers.

    The term "duct tape" stems from its later commercial uses, where it was quite often used in venting and ducts, because it seals effectively.

    It is considered acceptable to use either form, but quite idiotic to try and claim that one is more right than the other.

    To others below me, there may well be a brand called "Duck Tape", but that is not where the name comes from.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm aware that both terms are used synonymously, and each have their independent etymologies, however the product today has become universally known as "duct tape," whereas the term "duck tape" has been adapted as a trademarked brand. Ergo, one saying "it's really duck tape" would be as silly as saying that the copy machine is "really a Xerox."

    (We can further confirm our friend's ignorance in the comment reply below.)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    nicely put! I'd like to add.. Duct Tape by 3m is a superior product to Duck Tape (tm). Just sayin' LOL...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    do you need to use the razor or what else can you use


    12 years ago

    Think geek are selling Gaffer (duct) tape wallets for about $20 US. Much better idea

    1 reply