The Eye Sticker

Introduction: The Eye Sticker

What is this? What we will need it for? Where to place the Eye Sticker, and many more questions you will find by writing to the Eye: (the changed e-mail address).
This is the final appearance of the The Eye Sticker. What do you need and how to make an eye in triangle, you will find in next nine steps.


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Step 1:

At first we will need an adhesive foil in white color for a triangle and black color foil for the eye.

Step 2:

For work we will need:

-plastic ruler
-metal ruler (or stick for cutting a shape)
-scalpel or technical knife
-waterproof black marker.

Step 3:

For the beginning we sketch lines for the triangle.

Step 4:

Than we cut out the shape of the triangle.

Step 5:

We measure out the size of the shape that we need for the eye.

Step 6:

We take the black foil and cut out the shape of the pointed ellipse.

Step 7:

For the shape of the eye "looking down" we need to cut out a scklera - the white part of eye.

Step 8:

We seal the eye on the white triangle.

Step 9:

And for the final step we use a waterproof marker to write it down an e-mail address:

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Are you from croatia?? becouse in step 3 at bottom of image you can se "Ljepljiva folija je spremna za uporabu"


    9 years ago on Introduction

    the eye is the eye of ray the egyptian sun god and the symbol used by the masons

    Just do it !
    Just do it !

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Masons, Freemasonry is a club for intellectuals but it was made so that another group could control the competent part of the population as well as take advantage of the knowledge and power the club produces. The eye in the triangle is a very old symbol for God, be it Christian, Muslim... the symbol has been used for all sorts of reasons and purposes. We are using the symbol to make the people to start to question who is their God? Who is in control of the world? Who decides what you must think, do and be?

    Regards, Infinite Love

    Just do it !
    Just do it !

    10 years ago on Introduction

    In Europe we are facing a gigantic crime network that is trying to create mass destruction and then order out of that destruction, but an order that will suit only them. Slovenia is under heavy influence of this crime network and we are trying to raise the awareness of this network slowly with these stickers at first. If we were to come out and say exactly what is going on it would be too much of a shock and no one would believe anything we say, that is why we are taking it slow.
    The only thing you could do for now is try to find and research the truth and share your knowledge.

    Regards, Infinite Love