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Introduction: The Eye of Internet

About: Im just 13 years old and im interested in robotics and arduinos. But don't ever underestimate me!!!

I made this project in order to build a surveillance car which can be controlled over Internet or any private network. My objective was to do somethingeasily and cost effectively that could be used for security purposes.

My car uses DTMF module which takes its input from mobile phone attached to the car., That mobile is not only used to generate DTMF tones but also for the surveillance by providing Live Footage from its camera, over the network using AirDroid. Conventionally, any project using DTMF requires call from another cell phone to the one attached to the project, which is not cost effective, but in case of my project I used an android app DTMF Tone Generator which generates DTMF tone. Now for this to work, I shared my phone’s screen over the network using VNC server, which was quite cost effective. To make this idea more effective I mounted the phone on a servo motor. This gave my camera one degree of freedom, i.e. I could move it left and right without moving the bot. One more security problem involved with DTMF that I took care of was that anyone could control the bot by calling the mobile phone attached to the bot. A simple solution to this problem was to apply a PIN using DTMF tones. I demonstrated this concept in the video and for the inner working which you can check in the source code.

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Step 1: What You Need :


1. DTMF decoder module

2. 3.5mm audio cable (for connecting mobile to DTMF module)

3. Arduino Uno

4. Chaise

5. Servo motor (7 kg/cm)

6. Android Phone (In my case Galaxy Ace Duos)

7. Laptop (can be desktop or any android device supporting multi windows)

8. Geared DC motors with Wheels

9. L298 motor driver module

10. Android apps AirDroid, DTMF Tone Generator, VNC server..

11. Applications on laptop VNC client and Browser

Step 2: The Circuit

Now build the circuit.....

Because of some requirements is not yet in Fritzing or some like that I couldn't build a graphical circuit but you can use this.

Step 3: Code

Now for the code part....

I had attached it's file, just download it, open it, copy it, and paste it in Arduino IDE.

That's all............................

Step 4: Share It

If you suceed or have any problems with your car, share it in this page...........

Step 5: Vote Me

The last step is ................. if you like this vote me in Make It Move Contest.....

Now enjoy.......

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    2 years ago

    Gee, this was posted today, but the video from Varun13169 was made almost three years ago. How strange.