The FIFA World Cup LED



Introduction: The FIFA World Cup LED

In this instructable you will learn how to make the world cup trophy with LEDs. It can also be used as a bedroom lamp.

Step 1: Materials

To make the trophy we will use the following materials:

-A toy trophy
-3 meters of cable
-A switch
-6 high brightness LEDs
-6 blue LEDs
-An insulating tape
-A soldering iron
-Some welding
-Solder paste
-Papier mache
-Liquid silicone
-A battery holder
-2 batteries
-2 screws

Step 2: Remove the Base

First a cut is made at the base of the trophy with scissors, and the base is removed. It is suggested to burn the edges with the soldering iron to make it smoother. Let a little hole for the switch`s cables.

Step 3: Make the Holes

Now we have to make the holes to put the LEDs. We will use the soldering iron to drill the trophy.  The holes can be wherever you want.

Step 4: Weld the LEDs

Weld each LED to their respective cables using the soldering iron and some welding. Clean the soldering iron with the solder paste.

Step 5: Put the LEDs

The LEDs are inserted in the trophy by the holes. If you want you can test the LEDs first. Then, paste the LEDs to the trophy using the liquid silicone. 

Step 6: The New Base

Cut a papier mache base. It has to be a bit bigger than the trophy.

Step 7: Connections

Weld all positive cables (from the LEDs) together. Make the same thing with the negative ones. Connect a switch on the postive way.

Weld the cables to the Battery Holder. Put the batteries on the battery holder. Cover the wires with electrical tape.

Step 8: Set the Switch and Paste the Base.

Put all the cables inside the cup and paste the base with liquid silicone. Set the switch on the base of the cup using two screws. Turn on the switch.

And it`s ready. there is THE BEST WORLD CUP IN THE WORLD! 

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