The FREE Missing Sync for Palm

Two weeks ago I got a PalmOne Tungsten T2 and I wanted to sync all the addresses, calendars, notes, To Do's, and Voice memos on my mac so I downloaded the trial version of The Missing Sync for Palm I used it every day till the trial ran out. Once the trial ran out I could not sync anything so I thought there must be another way. And now there is.

A palm pilot
A Mac computer
Palm desktop (you can get it at Palm Desktop)
And the iSync application (it comes with all Macs :-) )

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Step 1: Install Palm Desktop

After downloading Palm Desktop from:

Open up the installer (if it isn't already open), click continue, and Agree.

We want the Easy Install, which should already be selected, so click the Install button.
Next make sure the Applications folder is selected and click the choose button.

When it's done you may need to Authenticate with your password.

Then on to the next step.....

Step 2: Get It All Set Up

When you installed Palm Desktop it created a folder in your Applications folder called Palm, go to it and inside open up the HotSync

Connect your PalmOne product and Sync it with the computer by pressing the button on your dock or on your Palm. It needs to be synced once before you do anything else.

Now you need to go back to your Applications folder and double click on the program called iSync.

Then go to the top bar of iSync and select "Devices" and then "Enable Palm OS Syncing..."
Click Continue, and Continue again when it asks to move the conduits, and finally click OK when it says its enabled.

Now onto the next step...

Step 3: HotSync Manager

Now reopen the HotSync Manager again (if you closed it) and on the top bar select "HotSync" then "Conduit Settings..."

Then with your user name selected, look under the column called Conduit Name and double click on the one named "iSync conduit".

In the new window select "Enable iSync for this Palm device".
Then press OK.

(Note: if you bought your Palm in Japan also select "This is a Japanese device" before pressing OK.)

Step 4: Syncing Your Palm

Go back to iSync and there you should see a picture of your palm. Click on it.

Select the settings you want, or don't want, then press "Sync Devices".
If a message comes up saying "Press HotSync Button", go ahead and press the button on your dock.

There you go! Now all your address, calendars, notes, to do's, and voice memos will be synced to your computer and backed up.

Hope this helps!
Please comment and rate!

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks.. i just ressurected my sony clie and am grateful for your isyncing help...till i can afford an iphone this 2001 'cadillac' of palm os will work just fine....sooo slowwww though


    9 years ago on Introduction

    To answer the questions below, this doesn't work with Snow Leopard. Apple in its infinite wisdom removed the ability to sync Palm pilots on Snow Leopard via iSync.  Don't bother asking for help at any Apple forum either or some snarky jerk will say "good riddance, get an iphone, palm sucks, its Palm's fault, blah blah blah,". When I look at all of the features and capabilities of Snow Leopard that 99% of users will never use in their lifetime, syncing a palm pilot via isync was one of the things people actually could use.

    Anyway to bottom-line it you have to buy "the missing sync". There is no "free" work-around anymore, except for Leopard users.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I wasn't able to get it to work with 10.6.1.  The instructions say you need to sync using Hot Sync one time before doing anything. Hotsync is not syncing with iSync.  It just spins forever and then finally says the syncing failed.
    There is nothing that says enable Palm OS device in the iSync window under devices.  I am using iSync 3.1.0.  I don't know if this is because I have a 10.6.1 iMac or something else.  Is iSync 3.1.0 the newest version of iSync?

    I own a Centro, but my Uncle a Tungsten T2 like yours.... My uncle thought it was broken and gave it to me as a present. I then didn't want it(I am not a graffiti 2 person and prefer my Verizon Centro). I gave it to my mom who went on Amazon and but a new battery for it.... Now she uses i for PDA purposes...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    great so it seems for palm os but palm windows mobile? have treo need to download notes to imac any suggestions?


    10 years ago on Step 4

    I just came across this. I am a newby to Apple, but have an old Sony Clie. Your instructions were really fantastic. Everything seems to have worked perfectly. Now I have to learn how to use iCal, but I look forward to it. Thanks so much


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is genius. I cannot thank you enough for this info. I was just about to shell out $40 for the missing sync software, but I decided to try this first. worked like a charm. I have absolutely no complaints. Thank you so much!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is fine for those who are happy with the built-in Palm & iSync functions. (You can also find these instructions by chasing around through the Help for iSync and Palm Desktop on your Mac.) But it's not so useful for those who need the additional capabilities of Missing Sync -- eg, ability to sync "Categories" on the Palm with "Calendars" and "Groups" on the Mac.

    great man! i have a palm m515 i hope its usefull for my macbook pro! you saved me some cash!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Great Instructable! I was just about to buy the program when I found this. I just saved $40!