Introduction: The FSSG

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Build This Gun It Is Epic.

well I never really intended on posting this but after so many people said they liked it I decided why not?

so here it is in all its glory the FireStorm Shot Gun

some stats:
ammo - grey rod, red rod, 2 yellow rods, 3 blue rods, 5 white rods, oodammo, (with small mod)
Action - slide
trigger - true (duh)
the gun I am posting differs slightly from the one in the picture below, but all I did was get rid of the hinges so people without them can build it

Now lets start building!

Parts list by

dark grey:27
light grey:3



y con:2
tan clip:3
white connector-sized patch:4
blue spacers:74
bendy green rod:3
female ball joint:3

orange connector cut in half:2


Step 1: Barrel

this is the most important part of the gun, make sure that when you are building it you put the bullet locks on properly, especially the front one if you intend on firing multiple rounds

Step 2: The Front Half

The barrel connection, the grip and basic frame, it should be easy enough to make from the pictures and notes

Step 3: The Pin and Main Mech

cAnnother easy step Yay! please note you will need to remove the pin when you connect the trigger

Step 4: Stock, Handle and Trigger

Yet annother very easy step, except maybe for the trigger

Step 5: Putting It All Together (yay)

probably the hardest step

Step 6: Rubber Bands

this is how you place the bands on the gun, you can use 64's but I prefer 62's, both placements will be covered here

Step 7: Finished!

Wow you built it in only 6 Steps! well once you have built you can post a picture of yours below and I will add it to this step, (thanks oblivitus for the idea), also leave any feed back here as well.



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    this is actually pretty darn good, the stock could be better, so i'll work on that, maybe post pictures when it is done...

    So, the handle just hangs in there fairly loosly?

    thats.... interesting.... not in a bad way, thats just different....

    4 replies

    i dit mod it now its a m4a1 casv *my guns range increased wif 50ft.
    so its now shooting like 100-180ft can shoot trought small plates of WOOD.
    and it dosnt look like ankind of space gun anymore!
    (my photocamera dosnt work *picture coming soon*

    hey man, this is by far the BEST gun i have ever, and will ever build. The only problem is: it seems like the multi-ammmo attachment doesnt work. It only makes the ammo shoot shorter, and with multiple ammo, it might only shoot out 1. i really want multi ammo but it wont work. I instead until the problem is resolved, use it as a single shot rifle. its great! i reccomend making the same gun mechanism, but making it a rifle! hope you can help :)

    they are not essential, you can replace them with anything that doesn't get in the mechs way, however I would recomend them as they are a big help in clipping the barrel into place

    ill use blue clips and i dont have enough blue spacers and oranges so for some of them i will use yellow connectors without blue spacers instead of orange cons and blue spacers