The Fall and Rise of a Shattered Mirror

So my parents had this gold three ring mirror hanging in the living room for yearsssss...And like most people they got sick of it and decided to throw it out...I liked it and wanted to keep it but it was just to big and massive, so they continued on and decided to leave it on the curb to see if anyone would like to take it BUUUTTTT in the process one of the side mirrors ended up shattering...For some odd reason I thought it was just one giant mirror but upon removing the backing it turned out to be a three seperate piece mirror! Then and there it hit me; MAKEOVER! I put an old beat up steak knife over an open fire on the stove and let it heat up while I went outside to get the golden plastic frame from the porch....I grabbed the hot knife with some oven mitts for precaution and started sawing through the frame and it cut through as if it were butter! That took about 5-10mins. From there I asked my dad to cut the cardboard backing into an oval shape that was the remaining mirror and frame that I just cut out while I went outside to paint over that hideous gold...I found some left over black oil-based rust-oleum paint, put on some latex gloves (cause who likes to get sticky paint on their hands that can only be removed with paint thinner?!) and started painting away. To my surprise; it only took one coat! And it dried up in less then 15min! So when that was done I put all the pieces together with the same screws, same backing and with nothing extra added but a some paint and it was done! My master piece was complete! Mahahahahaa! >;D My mother then came home from work and regretted throwing the mirror out and wanted to keep it for herself! Like they say: "One man's trash is another man's treasure...." 



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