​The Fallout Survivor: Nuclear and EMP Ready Paracord Bracelet- Anti-Radiation Tablet, Water Purification, Multi-Tool, Carbon Fiber Gas Mask




Introduction: ​The Fallout Survivor: Nuclear and EMP Ready Paracord Bracelet- Anti-Radiation Tablet, Water Purification, Multi-Tool, Carbon Fiber Gas Mask

Build a Paracord Bracelet that will prepare you for a nuclear attack, power plant meltdown, and EMP with this bare essentials anti-radiation ready strap. Improvise a gas mask using included carbon fiber, build a faraday cage to safeguard your electronics, purify water, open a can of food with attached multi-tool, and defend against exposure with potassium iodide tablet.

What you need:
-Prior knowledge of how to make a standard cobra weave bracelet.

-15 Feet of Paracord.

-Tools: Lighter, Duct Tape.

-Fallout Survival Items: Carbon Fiber Fabric Tape, Pre-Packaged Potassium Iodide Tablets, p38 Can Opener, Pre-Packaged Water Purification Tablet, Aluminum Foil, any other small tools and gear.

I encourage you to use this tutorial to craft your own apocolypse ready strap but if you need help finding the items included or wish to purchase one pre-made, then join in our survival conversation at Facebook or buy this bracelet at Etsy Shop: Superesse Survival Straps.

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Step 1: Collect and Review Survival Items.

These are my suggested items based on their multiple use implementations. Study the items, know how to use them, practice makes perfect. Feel free to customize, add or take away, as you see fit. Outfit the bracelet with items that match your local and threats.

CORDAGE - 10-15 Feet 550 MIL-SPEC Type III 550 Cord. Each Paracord contains 7 inner nylon strands that separate into two more small strands. This equates to up to 165 feet of cordage to be used per 1 ft of cord. Uses of paracord are endless such as: replace shoe laces, improvised tourniquet, fishing line, floss, support line for tents, clothesline, snare wire, nets, etc.

COUNTER-EMP/NUKE ITEMS - 4"x2" C.S.T.- Carbon Survival Tape: A strap of multi-use carbon fiber fabric. It is heat resistant to 1200℃ and offers a filtering quality due to its extreme micro-porosity. This highly capillary tape can be improvised as a torch(wrap around limb and soak w/ fuel), oil lamp or stove(place in can and fill with fuel), conclusive dressing(absorbs exudate, creates flexible scab), gas/water mask filter(stuff in bottle, cut small hole in base, breath thru or strain water), signal fire(spell out SOS, soak with fuel, light).

- KiO3 Radiation Defense Tablet, 130mg: Shield against radiation exposure with this specific blocker of thyroid radio-iodine uptake. High dose potassium iodide for nuclear emergency scenarios.

*- P38 Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Sinker and Weight, Knife Sharpener, polish off black to use as signal mirror.

TIP: Open Canned Foods. After the power is out or while your waiting out the fallout in your bunker you may find yourself without the ability to open all those cans of food you've stored. With 38 small little punctures from this tool you can easily open up and eat up.

- MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet(2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.

- Square of Aluminum Foil (5x5 inch) (heavy duty for cooking, signalling, lure, Faraday cage, cup, etc)

*- Two Ranger Bands: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller items to your bracelet.

- Two Duct Tape Patches (2x2 inch): patch and waterproof small holes, repair gear, use as bandage, roll up carbon tape inside straw shape to use has air filter.

Step 2: Pre-package Your Items and Ready Them for the Bracelet.

PACK IN DUCT TAPE: Some items that are hard to manage, not waterproof, or pose a hazard. These type of items should be packed in a small patch of duct tape. This will not only make them easier to insert in the bracelet but will also give you reusable duct tape (use tape that matches your paracord color). Electrical tape also works well for sharp items like a nail or xacto blade.

Cut a 2”x2” piece of duct tape and lay out a few small items on the end and roll it up.

PACK IN A STRAW: Other items can be packed into a plastic straw. Grab pliers, lighter, and poking tool(screw driver). Cut the straw to fit your needs, burn and pinch one end, stuff the item in the straw using the poker(screw driver or tooth pick), burn and pinch the other end.

OTHER: Remember some items just need to be organized or secured together rather than be taped up or put in a straw tube. In the photo you can see how I rolled up a 5"x5" square of foil then taped a ziptie and length of jute rope to it. This makes it easier to hold to the core of the bracelet while you weave over it. Apply this method to large items.

Step 3: Craft a Cobra Weave Bracelet & Insert Your Survival/Fallout Gear

CRAFTING A COBRA WEAVE BRACELET: First you need to know how to make a standard cobra weave bracelet (you can find plenty of instructables on that). While you can easily make the same bracelet using a loop and knot fastening method, I suggest adding a survival buckle instead.

Begin crafting the bracelet by attaching paracord between the two ends of your buckle and starting the cobra weave. The length of cord between the buckles will be called the “core”. The core is where you will insert the smaller items such as a needle, blade, or water purification tablet.

TIP: Fit more in your strap by using a core made up of 6 total strands of cord rather than the standard two. This creates a wider base holding more gear. Remember some larger items can be attached to the outside of the bracelet. Examples would be a compass, p38, or h2o tablet hidden under a ranger band.

WEAVING IN SURVIVAL ITEMS: As you begin the cobra weave, insert small items either individually or in your pre-packaged duct tape/straw. 1. Begin a loose weave but don’t tighten it yet. 2. Insert an item by sliding it up under the open weave. 3 Hold the item secure while you tighten and snug down the paracord. 4. Adjust the item as needed to conceal it as you continue to weave over it.

Step 4: Improvise an Air Filter and Faraday Cage

Using the items inside your bracelet you can improvise a number of tools to assist in the moments leading up to an catastrophic incident and its aftermath.

Build a Faraday Cage. During an EMP(high altitude nuclear detonation or solar mass ejections) your electronics can be permanently disabled. Using the foil included you can quickly create a cage to reflect fields and absorb energy in order to safeguard small electronics such as your watch, IPod, or keychain flash light. Simply form a self contained box around your device. Grounding is not necessary.

Improvise a air filter/gas mask. In a polluted environment you should quickly unravel your bracelet and fashion a mask to protect against methane, chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitric acid vapors, mercury vapor, sulfur dioxide, and other contaminants. Roll the included strap of C.S.T into a cylinder and wrap with duct tape to create a thick, straw shaped filter. Cover your nose and breath directly through filter.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

Finishing Up

Now finish off your weave by cutting off the remaining cordage and singe/burn the ends. Add on any final items that you want secured to the outside such as a ranger band with an additional anti-radiation tablet secured under it.

The PHOTO here show's my custom version of the Fallout Bracelet. It features all the above mentioned items but also has an added 3in1 Buckle (fire striker, fire steel, whistle), a glow light sticker, fishing line/hook, and a match.

The best way to be ready for an attack or catastrophic event is to be prepared. This bracelet is a worst case scenario item. Its purpose is to allow you to sustain long enough until you can bug out or reach your other preps.

All advice meant to be suggestions and has not necessarily been implemented and proven. Use all items and advice at your own risk.

With all that said, Strap it around your wrist and always have a survival kit with you!

For more info check out our Facebook or buy this bracelet at Etsy Shop: Superesse Survival Straps.

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