The Fibonacci Sleeve




World's smartest, slimmest, modular sleeve is luxuriously affordable yet functionally fantastic.
Fibonacci does express individuality with bespoke customisation & vents gadget heat with smart snaps in the most thoughtful way.


Step 1: Making of Fibonacci : Truth Is in the Details.

The FIBONACCI Sleeve is an exploration in product design & craft, expressed primarily through handcrafted premium felt & leather goods. The product reflects a labor of love and an exercise in craftsmanship and ethos of wabi-sabi.By marrying elements like individuality & modularity with traditional artisan and future aesthetics, Fibonacci hopes to bring you a meaningful & noble product.

The sleeve is a futuristic product, to create modular sleeve that is precisely tailored to suit user’s functional and aesthetic preferences, with limitless possibility.

The FIBONACCI has been designed with utmost perfection and precision. The product draws inspiration from the Golden Spiral, and loves to remain true to its name, by allowing endless scope of customisation in terms of modular patch pockets & the placement.

Step 2: Modular Pockets Designed Using Fibonacci Series

Step 3: Perfectly Designed Using Golden Spiral Proportions

Step 4: Material Infographic

Step 5: Patch N' Play With Functional Pockets

Step 6: Modular Functional Design : Inspired From LEGO

Step 7: Speaks Individuality : Bespoke Design

What If ... Fibonacci Spirals and Golden Spirals appear predominantly in nature, and truely reinstate uniqueness. The Fibonacci Sleeve also likes to live true to its name & design. By allowing the backers with much desired freedom to be expressive with the "Canvas/Leather/Denim Template" to its backers to "Design Your Fibonacci", and we promise to mirror the same as your Fibonacci ID, ushering your individuality in a much classy way, the next time you'd walk into a cafe, meeting, board room, park, museum, vacation etc.

Step 8: Limitless Usage Possibilities

The Fibonacci needs your love & support to be seen as a successful product coming to the coffee shop, offices, art galleries, concerts etc near you. We do believe in the product, and now its time we are sharing our belief with the world, to stand for the better design, offering extreme super powers to the backers & allowing them utmost flexibility yet supremacy with the multi-purpose utilitarian product.

Step 9: Get the Fibonacci

You could get the downloadable templates of the Fibonacci for all devices, by going on the Live Campaign Page & backing up the product for 1 Euro or more.



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hey Nishant amazing design. I wanted to know how can i get it in India?

    1 reply

    Thanks buddy,
    We're grateful to you for appreciating our post about how to create a design process even for something basic yet functional like a gadget sleeve following scientific approach.
    Please share the word about us, and support us on the kickstarter campaign to receive the downloadable templates & build the product at your home too.



    2 years ago

    I wish this wasn't only an ad, but actual instructions on how to make a hand made version. Sure, it could be compitition to your actual buisiness to some degree. On the other hand I'm pretty sure your product is made up off top grade materials with superb manufacturing quality so I assume your loss would be tiny while you'd spread the community spirit.

    Best luck with your kickstarter anyways!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi nqtronix,

    Thanks for the word buddy.
    And Fibonacci Sleeve is more than just a campaign currently on Kickstarter.
    The purpose of having it on is to motivate people to create their own iterations & we'd love to incorporate their ideas & probably have a bunch of compositions hosted as an update on our kickstarter campaign page.
    The complete design process of Fibonacci is DIY (even though the materials used are of much premium grade), & we wanted people to stay updated about all the cool buzz organically & encourage them to follow the design process & steps we followed during our design process & campaign build-up.