The Five Dollar Wallet




Create a wallet from five one dollar bills. Why keep money in your wallet, when your money can be the wallet?

This instructable was originally called "The Billet", but in order to enter the wallet contest, the name was changed to The Five Dollar Wallet. The wallet is very durable, mostly because it is made of US currency.

This is the poor man's version of a rich man's wallet!

This is my first instructable, so please post comments


Step 1: Create the Backing

Cut a piece of plain printer paper so that it is the size of a dollar bill. Then, using clear tape, attach the two short sides of the dollar to the paper backing to make a loop shape.

Step 2: Add Inner Lining

To keep the right orientation on all the pieces, make sure to tape them exactly as shown. Flip the previous step over, and tape another dollar to the back along the top edge. This will be the lining of the large cash pocket.

Step 3: Create the Card Pocket

Fold another dollar bill (#3) in half so it chops Washington's face in half from top to bottom. Insert a credit card into the bill. Now, fold over the edges around the card and tape down so they won't come undone. It should now be a pocket. Be careful not to make the folds too tight, or a card may not slide into it easily and it may tear.

Step 4: Add the Inside

Unfold the outside and inner liner from before. Tape an additional dollar (#4) to the right as shown. The dollar that has the paper lining attached should be on the far left. This new dollar will become the inside of the wallet. Tape along the edge good, because this is the bottom that will hold the cash in the wallet! Because of how the wallet will be folded, you should apply the tape to the side opposite of that shown in the picture.

Step 5: Fold Up the Project

Fold up the project. The dollars should be stacked as follows:

1. Place the project face down, so the paper backing is facing upwards and is closest to you.
2. Fold the two bills above it down over the paper backing so only two bills show
3. Finally, fold the bill which is now at the bottom up, so there is a single stack of three bills.

If you kept the orientation of the bills the same as I did, Washington should now be looking right at you.
Tape along the right and bottom edges of the stack, to hold all three bills together.

Step 6: Add the Card Pocket

On the inside of the wallet (the dollar not attached to the paper backing) position the pocket in the bottom right so the opening is facing left. Tape along the bottom and right edges, but not the top and left! Leaving this open allows a card to be tucked behind the pocket as well.

Step 7: Add the Cover Flap/Coin Pocket

Fold the last dollar (#5) in half the same way as before. Tape the short edge and the bottom, but not the top. This is left open because it will store coins when the wallet is finished. On the far left edge of the project, you will be able to open up a space between the outside cover and the paper backing. It should not open up into the cash pocket, if it does tape it now. Look at the picture for help. Insert one end of the folded bill you just made into the space it should go in about 1/2". Then tape the outside of the front and the back to hold the flap in place.

Step 8: Finish!

Now your done! Just insert a credit card into the pocket so you can fold it right. Also, crease it very well with the handles of scissors or something.

This is my first instructable, so sorry if the steps were a little hard to understand. Please post comments to help me make it better!



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    asian sycho

    9 years ago on Step 8

     Awe some man! I'mma try this now ! How'd youlearn this without reapetedly using dollar bills? what if you made an opps on the tape is what. Youre creative!

    It was a little hard to understand. Advice for better wording think of better words. But good job. Ill rate this 4 stars.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    first off I love this instructable except i kinda used all of my money on gum. (and do not ask me how old I a I will not reply if you do)

    Ming-MingAzn Hitman

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ya'll need to stop acting like kindergartners "he copied he copied!!! get over it ive seen 5 year olds act more mature than you all

    snipe0Azn Hitman

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't realize that there was another dollar wallet design up until after I posted.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    "teacheroftheways" urs is more expensive that i like, but his is more lighter u r evenly matched


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is a good idea; however, adding lamenate would make it better.