The Flick

Introduction: The Flick

We have developed a hand held catapult (The Flick) which provides a few key advantages to its users:
• First of all, you can use any kind of ammunition that can fit on the spoon’s head. Preferably finger foods. Ammunition can usually be found anywhere so the cost will surely be low.
• The gun doesn’t automatically reload itself, but allows the user to more accurately reload the flick.
• The flick is inexpensive and easy to make.

To build the flick you will need:
• Various types of Balsa wood.
• Rubber bands
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• A flexible but sturdy spoon
• Exactoknife

1. Select a balsa wood to use as your base(1) of the flick
2. Select a balsa wood piece to use as your support stand(2).
3. With your exactoknife, cut out a |__| shape at the top of the support stand(2)- big enough for the spoon handle to fit through.
4. Then, cut a rectangular section through the base that is slightly bigger than the size of the support stand(2). Make sure the support stand(2) will fit in snug.
5. Use the hot glue gun to glue the support stand(2) onto the base(1).
6. Once the hot glue cools and the stand is sturdy, find a balsa wood piece for your handle(3).
7. With your exactoknife, cut a rectangular section through the other end of the base(1) that is slightly larger than the size of the handle piece. Make sure the handle fits in snug.
8. Use the hot glue gun to glue the handle(3) to the base(1).
9. Select a piece to use for your support stand guard(above 2) should be fairly small and thinner than the other pieces. And if it is required, cut the piece to an appropriate size.
10. Hot glue the guard on the top of the support stand's top.
11. Now insert the spoon through the support stand cover and wrap rubber bands around the base and the spoon so there is tension when you pull the spoon head.
12. Hot glue the rubber bands onto the spoon if needed.
13. You are finished!

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