'The Flimsy Fumbler' Anti-yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest


Here is my video entry for the Anti-yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest. I call this trick 'The Flimsy Fumbler'
NOTE: The first time the trick is done at the speed it is met to be done at. The second time the trick is done, the trick is slowed down and "slopped up" up so you can see what is going on.

The Flimsy Fumbler

Step 1: Throw a breakaway and have it go around your left pointer finger and then the Back of your thumb.
Step 2: Have the yoyo come back around your left pointer and do a double trapeze on the front sting.
Step 3: Dismount from the double trapeze and pull front string through the loop on the left hand.
Step 4: Land on the front left string and pop up onto the back left string.
Step 5: Pop the yoyo off the string and have the yoyo do one clockwise rotation
(step 6) Have the string go around your left pointer and do a double trapeze on the front string. Then dismount to a single trapeze on the front string.
Step 7: Pop the yoyo up in the air (let go of front string your holding with your left hand) and land on the front string.
Step 8: Pop yoyo up and go through the middle of the string loop on the right hand and land on the bottom lower string. You should now be in a wrist mount.

STEP 9: Do a spirit bomb! ( SPIRIT BOMB: Flip yoyo over left finger inside the wrist mount and land on the double string. Then pop the yoyo against the top left sting, quickly cross your left hand under your right hand and land on the stirng. Pop the yoyo up in the air and uncross your arms, then have the yoyo come down through the string hole by your right hand and have it land on the bottom string. Finally flip the yoyo of your right pointer finger onto the back sting and pull threw with right hand and you should now be in a trapeze)

Step 10: Do a double trapeze and dismount back to a regular trapeze.
Step 11: End the trick with any suicide.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that looks hard! It looks really fast too. Awesome job, must have took a lot of practice.