The Flower Clock: Made in Fusion 360



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When you like flowers and you are also very punctual, you get this kind of ideas. This clock is only for show but it will actually go "TIK-TOK". To get the feeling you can watch the video file attached at the end of this section. This is a rendered video of the motion study for 5 minutes revolution of the minute and second hands. I've skipped the hour hand as it'll hardly show any rotation in 5 minutes.

Step 1: Make the Clock Body

  • Attach the given picture of the clock to the vertical plane
  • Calibrate it to a suitable size
  • Sketch two circles and extrude them to make the clock body

Step 2: Make the Clock Hands

  • Create 3 construction planes using "Offset Plane" command (offset= 1mm)
  • Sketch the profiles of the hour, minute and second hands on each plane and extrude them (0.5 mm)

Step 3: Make the Front Glass

  • Create a sketch of a circle on the front plane
  • Extrude it to some distance (1.5 to 2 mm)

Step 4: Give It the Appearance of a Flower

  • Create a sketch on the back side of the clock
  • Use line, spline, circular pattern commands
  • Extrude it
  • Add fillets to the outermost side

Step 5: Add the Numbers

Turn off the visibility of the canvas and add some numbers on the plane as decals to give it the appearance of a clock. I've used only Roman III, VI, IX and XII and I've attached those images for you to use. You can use 3, 6, 9 and 12. Also, if you wish you can add all those numbers from 1 to 12.

Step 6: Make It Work (optional)

  • Add three revolute joints between the clock and each hand
  • Create a motion study using the minute and second hand

Step 7: Get the Renderings

Once you save the file, rendering will start automatically. If you have created the motion study, choose a view and render it as the motion study.

Please share your rendering here using the "I Made It" button. I'm eager to see those!



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