The Flower Pot Fire Pit

Introduction: The Flower Pot Fire Pit

This is an easy, inexpensive and fun outdoor project! In this video we construct a Fire Pit using basic materials from the home/garden center.



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    great idea--but i would use three torches...

    I know this is an older ible but I'm wondering when its time to fill the torchs how do keep from displacing all the rocks and sinkin into the sand cause seems to me they would mix with the sand.

    Great idea ! I just bought a house with a decent area in the back yard definitly going to try this out soon !

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    One question... How difficult is it to dig out the torches to refill/replace them? I love the idea, BTW.

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    Thanks for watching splatt116!
    Refilling the torches is easy, just pull the rocks back to one side (exposing the torch) and pull it out! I used the metal duct work to keep the rocks from falling in the hole.
    Glad you like it and I hope this helps.

    Love it...

    how long before need to replace tiki torch? do you replace tiki torch?

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    Thanks Kabinud,

    Depends on use rain/ weather but for us every couple of years or so.

    Just pull your rocks back to uncover the torches, the metal duct work keeps the rocks from falling in the holes when you remove the torch for refilling or replacement. Hope this helps! Thanks for watching