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Since Star Wars:The Force Awakens is my FAVORITE movie right now, I'm going to show you guys how to get Rey's unique hairstyle.

Rey's hair follows a trend in the saga-in every three movies, they add one more bun to the character's hair. First Padmé had one, then Leia came along with her famous space buns, and now Rey has three floppy buns down the back of her head.

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Step 1: What You Will Need


-3 claw clips


-Hair ties (probably around 6, to be exact)

-Bobby pins/barrettes


-Lightsaber (Okay, so you might not need this, but it's always a good idea to be prepared!)

Step 2:

First you want to separate your hair into three even sections. These will be the individual buns. Rey had part of her hair pulled together in front before the first bun, but I'm not doing that today. If you want to do this, you can, but usually I have a barrette there just so it doesn't look like anything is missing. Hold the sections in place-you can use claw clips, but I usually make bantu knots just because they're small and stay out of the way. (The photo came out kind of weirdly because I was looking away so you could see what I did)

Step 3:

Now that we look like a Dr. Seuss character, we are going to make the first bun. First you have to make a ponytail on the crown of your head. Then fold it over and tie it off. We're going to use the extra ends in the next bun, so don't worry about that right now.

Step 4:

This step is a little different. With the second ponytail, you will combine the ends from the first bun with the second layer of hair. Then you will create the bun the same way as with the first.

Step 5:

Repeat Step 4. Afterward, you can wrap the ends around the hair tie and pin them, they'll be really curly when you take them out.

Step 6:

That's it, we're done! Now you just need to find Finn and BB-8 and you'll be ready for a day of scavenging, flying the Millennium Falcon and defeating the First Order!

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      2 years ago

      Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      3 years ago

      This is awesome I always wanted to do Rey's triple bun, but I never knew how! Now I can do it!!! YAAAY!!! ;D