The Formidable Bar : How to Make the Best Bar on Campus

Introduction: The Formidable Bar : How to Make the Best Bar on Campus

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Making a bar that looks like it belongs in a mansion does not need to be hard.  Using a few simple tricks, one can make an elegant bar in a week for under $1200.  The pictures below illustrate, through photos, the process of creating the bar.  Instead of trying to figure out exact dimensions, observe the process, methods, and materials to gain a better understanding of the design.   Here is a rough procedure I followed to create this bar.  Feel free to email me with any specifics and I would be happy to help anyway I can.

1) The process began by creating a wooden frame, out of 2x4's, using very similar methods to framing out a wall for a house.

2) Next, cut out appropriately sized pieces of plywood to cover the sides and top of the bar.  I left a hole in the center and some holes on top to leave room for glass that would be added later on.

3) Stain the whole thing to achieve desired shade.

4) Add molding to cover edges and corners and to provide a foot guard at the bottom.

5) Paint molding whatever color you desire.  Use painters tape to seal edges and keep unwanted paint off the stain.

6) Begin to add supports for the top glass.  I made covers for the base with my fraternity's letters engraved on them.  Rubber feet were added to the top to prevent slipping.

7) Time to add the glass! I used frosting spray paint to cover the back of the glass with the Phi Beta Epsilon and then, using a stencil made on a vinyl cutter, etched PBE on the front side.  The glass was then attached to the molding using a simple steel frame I welded and some silicone to hold it in place.

8) Finally, I added some simple blue LED lighting to achieve a cool nighttime effect.

Visit my creation blog for more information or feel free to message me with questions. I would be happy to share more details or drawings or whatever else you need to make one yourself.

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