"The Formidable Sky Cow" Arduino-Controlled RC Boat

What you need:


  • This will give you an operating range of 30 feet out. After that, the connection is not guaranteed.


RC Boat

  • If you do not buy this boat, make sure to buy an RC boat with two propellers and no rudders.

Arduino Uno Board

Android Smartphone

Optional for larger vessels that draw more power:

L298D Motor Driver

  • Note: we do not provide information on how to use this.

9V Battery

If you drain the included battery pack commanding your creation, buy a 9V Battery. You probably have one of these lying around your home.

*If you want footage of this boat moving, continue!

Step 1: Breadboard Schematic

We know this may be difficult, but hold on! Make sure you perfect this circuitry if you want this awesome boat to speed through the water.

  • If you are an advanced Arduino-user, this is where you could use the optional L298D Motor Driver to give it more boost. Otherwise, ignore the diagram of the L298.

*If you want footage of this boat moving, continue!

Step 2: Code

*By now, you must have the Arduino program downloaded on your computer.

Download and open file attached below with the Arduino software (IDE). If you want to be a coding genius, read every line of code and comments to understand how it's working and then upload it to your Arduino uno board.

  • For programming the Arduino Uno board, you must disconnect first the RX & TX pins of Bluetooth module


Step 3: Android Bluetooth Controller

Here is an Android application you can use to control your boat.

  1. Download application
  2. Establish a bluetooth connection between the phone and HC-06 bluetooth module. If it asks for a pin (password), it should be 1234. If not, try 000
  3. Open the app named "Bluetooth RC Controller." The icon is a white car on a blue background.
  4. Tap the Option Menu, which looks like a gear, and press "Connect to car." Select the HC-06.
  5. If it connects, the flashing red circle in the top-left corner should be solid green.

Step 4: Put the Circuit Inside the Boat

Stuff all the circuitry inside the boat. Make sure to replace the propellers in the correct position and replace all screws so the vessel is water-tight.

Step 5: Controlling the Boat

  1. Reopen the Bluetooth RC Controller on your phone
  2. Place the boat in water
  3. Use the steering controls on the phone

And it's that simple! Remember, the range is up to 30 feet, so don't get to courageous and try to control it farther than that. Otherwise, you might lose "The Formidable Sky Cow" in the water, and nobody wants that.

A demonstration:



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