The Full Rolled Collar Dress




This dress is pretty simple to make and what i love the most is the constrating rolled collar. I hope you like the result and will try it too! I just used for the dress a basic sloper of a bodice; you can download yours at

I tried my best to make a good tutorial :) Enjoy!

Step 1: Requirements

The full rolled collar dress

What you will need :

- fabric for bodice and bottom of the dress (3 to 4 meters/ 4yards)

- fabric for the collar (1m/1yard)

- a basic sloper (mine is from here:

- sewing machine

-matching thead

-measuring tape

-tailor chalk


-interfacing for the collar

-lining fabric fo the bodice

-papier, ruler, French curve ruler

- basic sloper of a bodice to jour size

- pins

-zipper for dress

PS: once you will finish your drawings of your bodice and collar, you can make a test on an old fabric before cutting your good fabric. So that you can see if the modifications you made on the pattern suit you. you can also add sleeves and Pockets if you want to. I decided to make a full skater skirt, but you can choose to make a gathered skirt , a box pleats skirt or a pencil skirt!

* for all the numbers, I use metric numbers and I tried to convert them in inches but you can still check yourself.

I wrote different instructions. There is one for the collar, the bodice, the skirt ans a last one for assembling the pieces.

Step 2: The Bodice Pattern Instructions

Step 3: The Full Rolled Collar Pattern Instructions

Step 4: The Skirt Pattern Instructions

Step 5: Cut the Fabric and Making the Collar

Step 6: Instructions to Assemble the Patterns

Instructions to connect all the pieces of the dress

1. Cut all the pieces as shown on the pictures And report all the marks, infos and notches

2. Sew all the darts: for the front and back of the top and the same with the lining fabric

3. Sew the front and back pieces you've cut in the fabric at the shoulders seams. Do the same with the lining fabric

4. Sew at the neckline the top cut in fabric and the one cut in lining wrong sides together

5. Sew sides seams together. For the armhole, you can add a bias if you want a sleeveless top, otherwise you pin your sleeves and sew them.

6. Take your collar and press the interfacing on wrong side. Fold the collar in 2, right sides together. Sew the 2 angles you have and cut the excess of fabric, and press. Cut the excess tips of the angle. Then, Return the collar to right side and press. Staystich the raw edges together.

7. Pin and sew the collar all around the neckline , from a center back to another by stopping by the shoulder where you connect the notches on the collar with shoulder seams ( pin inside the top against lining). When finished , you can flip over you collar to have the rolled effect.

8. Take the 3 pieces of the skater skirt.

|>For the back skirt: leave 10 inches from waist and then sew the rest of the center back to the hem.

Stitch together sides seams. Press.

9. Pin bodice with skirt and sew to have your dress. Now, Place your zipper at the back

10. Make the bottom hem of the dress .



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    1 year ago

    good job, it fit u well


    2 years ago

    This dress is LIT!! The fabric is exceptionnal and it suits you very well! Keep up the great job!!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Really good job ! U look amazing in this dress ! The dress is on point !

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    the fabric is beautiful! Loveley dress!