The GEO Metro Drone V2

Introduction: The GEO Metro Drone V2

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I had some fun making a Geo Metro fly..

It has the guts of a Hubsan X4 drone that was on sale.

Then the blue filament arrived and I went to work on Version 2!

Step 1: The Geo.

My son has had this car for over a decade. He has probably had a half dozen other cars during that time but this is his favorite and its still on the road today....

He made a model of it on the computer to use in a video game. I took that model and brought it into OpenScad and merged it with a 105 micro drone frame.

I made a few improvements over the last model including lightening it up and bringing in the motors a little closer to the body....

This time I hollowed out the body to get the battery all the way up under the hood. This greatly improved the balance. And now its Blue since his Geo is Blue....

grab the cheapest Hubsan X4 you can find online and get started.....

Step 2: Assembling the Frame

The new frame has a separate radio tray to hold the Hubsan radio. It attaches with two self tapping screws.I found it necessary to put a little foam rubber in the front of the battery compartment when using the stock Hubsan battery. I made the compartment a bit larger to hold a higher capacity battery.

Step 3: Test Flights

The best part about these little drones is you can fly them indoors. Even a rainy day can be fun.

And if you crash it you can easily 3D print another one...



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    this is awesome, it took me a while to realize what it was

    You totally made my day - I drove a red Geo Metro for over 12 years! This is hilarious! I might have to make one.