Introduction: The GGG

The Givadanger Gattling Gun is my first instructable. It Has 16 rounds but there is room for improvement. There is a total of 258 peices in just the clip so make sure you have enough peices. Enjoy!

Step 1: The GGG Clip

This is the part where alot of you will get stuck with not enough peices. I have put all the parts on a list below. Good Luck.

Pic 1: Parts List
Pic 2: Make 2 Of these.
Pic 3: Make 8 Of these.
Pic 4: Another angle of last pic.
Pic 5: Final Product

Step 2: The GGG Gun

This takes just about 193 peices and is easy to make.

Pic 1: Parts List
Pic 2: Front Of Gun
Pic 3: Another angle of front.
Pic 4: Back Motor Compartment
Pics 5-6: Different Angles of Compartment
Pic 7: Finished Product

Step 3: The GGG Firing Bar

This would work better if you put grey spacers all on the green rod to make it move easier.

Pic 1: Firing Bar
Pic 2: Attached to gun
Pic 3: Finished!!



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    42 Discussions

     lol this gun is wicked though i agree with the bit that says its realy had to load but if you cut a slot (like with arrows) on the back of the yellows it cuts down half the time! 7/10

    xck;kdsjfvnijdsnvkjndskjlbfdkjnvjfn........ that was AWOSME

    poopy can uhjyuijhttgt ppppppprrrrrttttttiiiiiiiggp prtig say it

    well, i built it, and i think i can say that there is only one problem with this gun. the fact that the rubber bands are on the yellow rods with nothing to hold them on makes it very unstable and very long/hard to load. also, i find it easiest to load it when it is pointing at you, which is not very fun because since the gun is unstable, you can shoot yourself very easily. but still it shoots very smoothly and since the ammo is loaded that way, it shoots alot farther than your standard block trigger. i say 4*s

    1 reply

    i like how you put more than one view of every thing. very nice. if i could, 6*. but since i can't, 5*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    maybe i can moify the mechanics of this gun so it shoots more amo in a very short space of time...

    1 reply

    nice and gewd, I'm going to make this into a portable gun.

    cus givadanger originally posted the pic of his gun on my mg so i wanted people to see it noob!