The GLX-17 Medusa Nerf Grenade Launcher/Shotgun

Introduction: The GLX-17 Medusa Nerf Grenade Launcher/Shotgun

While messing around with Meanbean's nerf Grenade Launcher, I figured out that it would fit perfectly onto 1'' PVC pipe. the Medusa was born. 

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Step 1: Supplies

          PVC cutters or hacksaw
          ruler or tape measure
          PVC as shown in the picture

Step 2: Step 1- Grenade Launcher

found at this link:

Step 3: The Gun

make the shown shape out of PVC, or design your own gun as long as it has a 1" PVC tube at the barrel.

the 1st pic is the shotgun, the 2nd is the handgun variant for close quarters.

Step 4: Attachment of Cartridge

Cary 2+ of Meanbean's launchers, so instead of resetting the launcher, you reload the gun. 

Step 5: Finished!

First 'ibile, so constructive criticism accepted, but please no harsh judgement

Step 6: Update: Black Paint

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