The Galaxy Dragon

This dragon was an inspiration of some cool polymer clay dragons i saw online and i really loved the desighns but i dint see any with a galaxy pattern that i imaged i saw black galaxy but no purple so i thought i would add one in!

Hope You Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Polymer Clay

just get some old even mixed colors clay that you dont really care for and lets start mushing it to make it softer only if its hard of course

Step 2: The Head

with the head it is surprisingly easy compared to the body and wings and you just want to just shape a square-ish head with two indentions for the eyes which you will paint later

Step 3: Body and Wings

now this is more to your own perspective of what position you want your dragon to be but try to make a snake like body at first and add all the small details like feet and make sure you smooth the wings to the body so they look attached same with the legs.

Step 4: The Galaxy Paint

this another one of those things where its to your own perspective and all of them will turn out unique but i will tell you the shades and colors i used,...... Colors:small amounts of navy blue, purple(lots),pink(enough untill you like the shade),and white and black to lighten or darken it however you want hope you liked it!



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    Tip 8 months ago

    also with the ears make sure you do it almost like it is cupped and pointed tips and twirl two strings of clay for the curled horns and extra little strings for the whisker looking bits


    Tip 8 months ago

    I forgot to add that in the end i used clear finger nail polish for a finish that makes it shiny and it also protects the paint!