The Gamesalad Series: Part 1 - the Introduction

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What is Gamesalad? Gamesalad is the next generation of app design. With gamesalad, everyone can create professional apps because there is zero coding! Gamesalad, created by Gamesalad, Inc. is aimed primarily at non-coders. With Gamesalad you can create iOS, Android, Nook, and HTML games. Gamesalad was originally designed for Mac, because you can only publish iOS app on a Mac, however it has recently expanded to Windows for Android development too. This tutorial is being developed from a Mac, but the principles are the same between the programs. 

Gamesalad teaches students basic coding and game development skills, than can pave way for a career in game devopment. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

A Mac
Art editor (Gimp, Pixen, Photoshop, Illustrator)
Basic Computer Skills

Step 2: The Program

There are four main parts of Gamesalad, there is the Project Info Tab, Scenes, Scene editor, and the actor editor.

Project Info Tab- In the project info tab, you can change the name of you app, choose which platform it is for, and also edit its description and how to play.

Scene- A scene is where everything takes place, a scene is like a book, you can fit many lines of text and objects into it.

Scene Editor- In the scene editor, you drag actors into the scene and place them and this is where you have access to edit your characters.

Actor Editor- In the actor editor, you can change the actor's appearance, color, and how you control the actor.

Step 3: The Tutorial App #1 (Movement)

*Please note that more tutorial apps will be added soon.

This first app is to gently dip into the world of Gamesalad, and to work on character movements. Follow the pictures in order and their paragraph. 

First open up Gamesalad and choose blank project. 

When the Project Info Tab opens double click the title and change it from "My Great Project" to "Movement Tutorial" then Click the scenes tab.

Double tap the scene "Initial Scene" to open up the Scene editor.

Under the inspector press the + sign to make a new actor.

Double tap the actor's name and make it "Player."

Drag "player" into the scene.

Then double tap "player" to open up the actor editor.

In the actor editor, press "create rule" in the top right.

In the rule change "mouse position" to "key"

Now hit the blank spot next to "Key" so a mini-keyboard pops up and choose the up arrow.

Now in the lower left, under the word Library, scroll down until you see "move." (do NOT use "move to")

Then drag "move" into the rule, and set the direction to 90 degrees and relative to scene.

Now press the big green arrow at the top that says preview and try to press up, if it moves up, congratulations! 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    ive just download it (for Windows) and try it....


    6 years ago on Step 2

    What would you like the next game to be?