The Garage

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Our garage is a functional workshop and a storage space.  It is a 2 car garage, but we only ever keep one car in it, leaving the rest of the space for storage and working space.  The shelves and the two benches are built from 2x4's.  They are bolted to the walls, which is especially great for the shelves, because you can climb them to reach things near the top.  The cupboard and drawer system is storbought, and holds all the tools that the toolbox and the walls don't.  The walls are covered in pegboard in most places, so that we can store tools on them.  The places where the tools belong are outlined so that we don't misplace them.  The coolest part about our garage is the actic.  The whole second story of the garage is a storage space.  There is a set of pulldown stairs so that you can access the shelves up there, and the rest of the stuff that we keep up there (like the christmas tree)  are lay down on the trusses.  Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for what you can do with your garage!  Pleae vote for me in the share your space and the i made it photo contests!  Thanks!



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