The Gift Bags & Boxes of Light

Introduction: The Gift Bags & Boxes of Light

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I received a very nice gift and the Gift Wrapping was far to nice to trash / recycle. As we all know, saving the wrapping for another occasion is a good idea.... This is a way to make the occasion more frequent with a little more light.


*Fire Safety Precaution: ONLY use LED lights for this project.

Gift Bag and or Boxes

LED Light Strip

Gaff Tape 2"



Step 1: When You Care Enough to REUSE the Rest;)

Tape / Fasten the LED light Strips together

Tape / Fasten the Light Strips to the Bottom of the Bag / Box.

Step 2: The Gift of Light

Connect Landyard so the Light Gift Bag-Box hangs level with little or no tention from the power cord.

Attach I-Bolt or Hook in a dark area of your life to make it brighter.

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you!
    LEDS are lighting up a lot more of our lives.