The Giving Tree Keeps on Giving




Sketch out the shapes you want to create a shadow.

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Step 1: Time to Cut Out

Sketch the drawing out or paste the sketch paper on top of the cardboard, then use an Exacto knife to cut it out.

Step 2: Cut Out All of the Shapes

Set the shapes out and test against lighting. You can make any changes or continue the path.

Step 3: Create a Platform

Solidify platform for cut outs.

1. For this shape, the base was particularly thin and a particular type of base was made to help it stand up.

2. Cut out three thin pieces of cardboard (however thick of a base you want) and hot glue them together.

3. Trace out the base of the cut out on top the glued pieces of cardboard. Then cut it out.

4. Put glue into the cut out "hole" and fit the cut out's base in it. It should perfectly fit and snug.

5. Wait to dry.

Step 4: Create Legs for the Platform

This is for cut outs with a thicker base.

1. Cut out pieces that will act as supporting legs. Fold it in half.

2. Hot glue one side of the folded cardboard piece to the base of the platform so the other half is touching the table (or whatever your model is resting on).

3. Tape all the pieces onto the platform your model is resting on in whatever manner you want.

Step 5: Shine Your Light!

1. Go into a dark room and find a smooth backdrop.

2. Shine the light and look at the shadows!

Step 6:

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    This is awesome. I love The Giving Tree! This would make a really impressive art exhibit.