The Great Handcar Regatta


Introduction: The Great Handcar Regatta

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On Sunday, September 28, a unique event was held for the first time in the city of Santa Rosa. This event was a race of human powered art cars that drove on railroad tracks. The event was complete with live music and food stands. Many local artists showed off their work or built their own vehicles.

Although this was the first year this event was held, it attracted a few thousand spectators and about 15 vehicle entries.

here is the official site.



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    9 Discussions

    I know its been a while, but does this event still happen? The link is to a Japanese page now.

    It would be cool if it was but unfortunately the steam is more of a special affect. he says in that interview ,"there's no actual link up between the boiler and the wheels."

    Note to self:
    Read things more carefully. Yep, you're right. All I read was him saying he called it a "steam-electric hybrid." Full quote:

    "I call it a steam-electric hybrid - it's stretching the truth a bit. It's steam powered, but it doesn't locamote using steam. I built a steam boiler, put it on the back of the bike. And I had the possibility of putting a steam piston on the bike. But the more I looked into it, my deadline of getting it out the door was more than the scope of what I was learning. And I realized making a steam-punk inspired motorcycle was what I was going for. So it has a steam boiler on the back, which I use for steam effects, but there's no actual link up between the boiler and the wheels."

    Still cool!