The Great Joy of Playing Vinyl

Introduction: The Great Joy of Playing Vinyl

What many considered a dying and archaic format of music, is currently resurging though mainstream stores. What many indie stores and vinyl purists have kept alive is reaching a new growing fanbase. Many of you will want to join, finding Pa's old record player, with little knowledge on how to play the thing. LPs have a much warmer sound than CDs or MP3s. It is easy to hear when one is sitting in their armchair, nostalgically listening to the wide sound of the record with the occasional pop that our parents grew to love. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play vinyl on your turntable/record player. Each one will vary but through these steps one should be able to place the pieces together. Enjoy the comeback of one of the greatest music formats.

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Step 1: STEP 1

Plug turntable into speaker system amplifier (plug red and white ends into respective plugs).

Step 2: STEP 2

Place slide mat onto turntable.

Step 3: STEP 3

Place vinyl record on top of slide mat.

Step 4: STEP 4

Turn power on

Step 5: STEP 5

Move arm over desired song track.
         a. It will hover; don’t push needle down.
         b. Each track has a definitive line on the record’s surface.
         c. Title listed in center artwork

Step 6: STEP 6

Push table start/stop button.

Step 7: STEP 7

Lower arm stick (lever on top-right of turntable) and enjoy!

Step 8: STEP 8

When the first side ends, lift arm.

Step 9: STEP 9

Press table start/stop button.

Step 10: STEP 10

Flip record.

Step 11: STEP 11

Repeat steps 6-8.

Step 12: TIPS

• In low light, you may need to press “Target Light” button.
• Pitch controls on right can be raised from -20% to +20% to match BPM
• Every speaker connections different so read that manual first
• Always store vinyl records in their album, as they are easily scratched

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    4 years ago

    Good basic, first steps. Now the fun begins in finding ways to optimize your listening enjoyment: correct cartridge alignment, cables and connectors, proper record cleaning, stylus cleaning, and making digital copies in which the ticks and pops have been removed!