The Great Out of Doors Workout

Introduction: The Great Out of Doors Workout

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Most of the population of our world lives in urban areas or as I would like to call it the Concrete Jungle.In this concrete jungle we can see people going to gym's or their basements to get their daily workout in.

But there is nothing better than fresh air and the sound of birds or of rustling leaves along with cool breeze or warm sun! ,I happen to be an inhabitant of one of the most dense Concrete Jungles of the world,INDIA!!

India is a beautiful country and every summer break (which is between April and June for me) I take a month long trip to the city of Bangalore in South India, where my grandparents live and Bangalore being as chaotic and fast moving as it is, is still a beautiful city. My workout schedule here is four times a week outdoors which helps me maintain myself so that I can have the lovely food that my grandma makes as well as the various types of food this city has to offer.

For me this Outdoors getaway is also to keep away from all the Pings from the gadgets at home.


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The First step should ideally be to identify the right place to workout.

The place should be not too far from home or your own backyard if you would like. If its outside home, I suggest going to your local park or to any open ground close by.


1- Community or neighbourhood park.

2-Local Sports Complex/Staduim (they usually let you use their grounds when not in tournament season)

3-Corporation ground(In India most areas have a corporation play field for sports and games.)

4- Backyard if your house has one :) or even the terrace works!!

5- THE BEACH (its an amazing place if you live by the seaside like I do!!)

In my case Bangalore being the Garden city has many parks and botanical gardens in which I can do my workout. I go to a Beautiful Botanical garden called Lalbagh , and sometimes even Cubbon Park which is right in the middle of the city.In Case its an Overcast day the terrace would do just fine.

A good time for a workout would be early in the morning at 6:30 am or at 4:30pm in the evening.

Step 2: Things to Keep at the Ready

Okay so the essentials that you would need for a workout would be first

1- Comfortable clothing- A nice cotton t-shirt or even synthetic tee. knee or above knee length shorts made of synthetic material or just a nice comfortable track pant . Incase you live in a chilly weather place a light jacket or pullover with a beanie would be good!

2-Your Favourite Pair of Sports Shoes and a comfy pair of ankle length socks.

3-A Bottle of water to keep hydrated and a napkin to wipe of sweat.

4-A mobile phone for safekeeping and to keep in contact with important people( Not for Looking into now and then to keep up with social media as this workout is to keep focus on your health and fitness.)

5-Earphones for music, preferably wireless so that wires don't bother you.( This is if you are not the kind of person who likes the Sounds of Nature.)

6- A small 10 litre Daypack to keep your water bottle, napkin and other items so that you don't lose them on the way.

7- A small Granola bar or a snickers incase you're drained or low on energy.

8- A band aid incase you trip over .

Step 3: LETS GO!!!

Whether you're a morning person of evening, when the clock strikes your workout hour its time to say your goodbyes to everyone at home and head out that door to your workout location by walk or by bicycle as they should get you warmed up and ready.

In my case its a walk upto the park up the hill.(Yes Bangalore is a hilly place!!)

If you're cycling then I would really insist that you wear a helmet and a fluorescent reflective vest as SAFETY IS FIRST.

And if you are setting off in the morning then I suggest that you eat a banana or at least a few biscuits(cookies) with a glass of milk.

Setting off on an empty stomach is not good as the chances of getting giddy increase.


So Starting off one you are warmed up with your commute to the park or jog around the block then part one would be

SHUTTLE RUN- which would be starting from a point and running 10 meters and coming back to the start and then doubling that distance and returning and finally going 30 meters away and returning to the start without stopping.

An alternative to that would be running from the start point 20 meters and returning back, repeating that process 3 times.

After you're done with shuttle run I suggest catching you're breath for a minute or two and then moving on to the next workout.

Abs WORKOUT- The ABS workout or abdominal workout is for ensuring that you're core is strong!! it also helps in burning fat to a good extent along with the running.

The ABS workout includes

CRUNCHES or as it is colloquially called sit-ups is done by sitting on the ground with your knees up and the upper body flat on the ground with hands interlocked behind the head, then moving your upper body up and towards your knees and then finally back down. REFER THE PIC/VID

Ideally 15 sit-ups should be good enough and as every week goes by feel free to increase it by 5 each only if you are comfortable.

PLANKSare one of my personal favourite workouts in which the body's core strength is put to the test.

The plank is done by going into a pushup position and then dropping the forearms and palms onto the ground while aligning the body parallel to the ground and holding here while feeling the core stretch.REFER PIC/VID.

LEGRISES- Leg rises are done by lying flat on the ground on your back and then raising the legs up to an angle of about 40 to 45 degrees off the ground and back down to about two inches off the ground and back up again.This cycle can be repeated to 10 counts and then 2 more sets (20 counts more). REFER PIC/VID.

The Upper Lower Workout- W This layout focuses on both the arms and legs, hence the name upper lower workout.

PushupsPushups are probably one of the best arm and core workouts to help you get in shape as well as stay strong.

A pushup is done by placing your hands and legs on the ground with your knees up, back straight and somewhat parallel to the ground. then lowering the whole body while making the arms into an inverted L shape and pushing back up.( Repeating it to your ability ) REFER PIC/VID.

Squats are good Thigh and Glute muscle exercise which benefit the legs very much and help tone up those muscles as well.

A Squat is done by first standing straight and tall with the back straight and then lowering the glute down till you're about a foot or less off the ground (while the hands are interlocked behind the head) and then back up . This can be repeated for 15 counts and 2 more sets of 15. REFER PIC/VID.

JumpingJacks are a total no brainer and something everyone should be knowing, they are really good for improving hand leg coordination as well as agility.

A Jumping jack is done by first standing straight , jumping while extending legs outward to the sides at a slightly bigger width than the shoulders and lifting the hands up from the sides , then back down ... and repeat , jumping at least 15 times.(2 more sets of 15).


The cool down is the last phase of the workout and probably the most important wherein the muscles are made to relax.

The cool down can be a short distance jog or the cycle ride back home.But its definitely not something that can be skipped!!

Step 5: Conclusion

After you're back home or to your destination I suggest having a banana and then a nice shower to cool off

I hope you enjoyed the Great Out Of Doors Workout and had a good time in the open getting in some fresh air.

I would love to get some feedback in the comments about your thoughts and suggestions regarding this workout.

Special Thanks to my cousin brother who demonstrated the various workout postures while I took the pictures

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    Fresh air and exercise. Two things that I definitely need more off. Thanks for the reminder.


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    Thank you so much I hope you can try out the Great Out of Doors Workout soon!! and I must say I really like all the instructables you have made!! :)