How to Demonstrate Soda Density

Introduction: How to Demonstrate Soda Density

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Ever wonder how much sugar is in your soda? This simple experiment that anyone can do puts Coke and Diet Coke head to head in a density test.



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    um.... no. this is just measuring the amount of air in the can. sugar is a small part, this is in no way conclusive, or informative.

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    i agree. there is not enough sugure to make a diffrence. it's just the amount of air.

    Agreed that it's inconclusive and could possibly be related to the amount of air in each can. However, it is in fact measuring the density of the "stuff" inside the can. However, there is no proof that this is related to sugar content. It is simply showing that diet coke is less dense than regular coke. Yes, it's likely due to solute content, but dissolved sugar may or may not be the only contributing factor.

    These also work with doughnuts, if you put them over a flame, all the really Black/Brown stuff is burnt sugar, It suppost gives you an Idea of how much sugars in a doughnut. -Alex

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