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It is super easy to turn any plastic containers you may have around into vases and decorate them to match your decor. These vases are waterproof and washable on the inside, a definite plus if deciding to do a live flower arrangement in them.

You will need:
A plastic container
Something strong enough to cut the top off your container
Sandpaper or sanding block
Paint brush(es?)

I show the original container, label removed.
Next we have it sanded. I sanded both horizontally and vertically to give the gesso a nice texture to stick to.
Remove the top, sand the edges.
Two layers of gesso.
First layer of paint, a base layer that will get covered by other colors later.
...and a finished vase. It could also, obviously, be sealed.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I'm hoping to figure out what kind of flowers to put into it... nothing is striking me as "right" so far. But maybe I just haven't given it enough thought yet.