The GreenJar (Recycled Greenhouse for Spices and Seasonings)

Introduction: The GreenJar (Recycled Greenhouse for Spices and Seasonings)

I have always tried making a greenhouse and i never could get it just right. When i saw this contest i thought for a little bit and came up with this great idea!! this greenhouse is portable and does not look too bad. Hope you like it!! now you can can living food.

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Step 1: Supplies

Three jars (but its good with more or less. I only had one jar)
A block of wood (thick enough for staple or screw)
screws if you have a drill and not a staple gun
zip lock bag

Dremel or sand paper (optional)
Drill or staple gun

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Use the Dremel or sandpaper to sand the block into the shape you would like but make sure you have room for the jars. I did not but it would make it look better maybe. And you could use wood stain!!

Step 3: Secure the Jars

Use staple gun or drill to secure the tops on the wood. Use many screws or staples to secure the top

Step 4: Make the Foil Cup

Mold the foil onto a cup to hold the soil. Make flaps to be able to secure the cup on.

Step 5: Secure the Cup and Soil It

Staple or glue the foil cup in. You could use the drill. Then put soil in the cup, sadly i didn't get a good picture of the securing part of this step.

Step 6: The Funnel to Water the Plants

On your zip lock bag cut the smallest hole on the edge to water the plants. When watering pinch hole when you take the top off for a brief amount of time.

Step 7: And Thats About It

And there you have it a small greenhouse for your spices. Post your pictures if you make this!!!

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, I like stabilising it with the wood. Oh, and you might want to get around to rotating the pics sometime before the world ends ;)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for sending me the link for this i will try this as soon as i can


    8 years ago on Introduction

    My first neck hurts. But other than that it's a good idea. I know some people who put pet bottles on some plants to protect them from cold durring the cold season.

    i like the idea, but you should really rotate your pics the right way. it will make it much easier to read/follow.