The GrowlerBuddy




The purpose of the GrowlerBuddy is to give beer enthusiasts an easy means of transporting up to four growlers at a time with one hand, while costing very little to build. The extra carrying capacity makes carrying multiple growlers much easier for a single person to do. The GrowlerBuddy is a simple device that consists of only 6 main parts and is easy to build, using a combination of materials laying around your house and a few parts from a trip to the hardware store.

Materials Needed

Wood Frame (2x4) - 24in long
Cabinetry handle - find something big enough to fit your hand in
4 Hooks - I used planter-hanging hooks from Home Depot
Screws (usually included with the handle)
Nail - I used a framing nail, roughly 1/16 in wide
Screwdriver- electric screwgun can be used if available
Ruler or tape measure

Step 1: Measurements and Markings

Make the measurements, circle the point where you want to put the nails in. Start by centering the handle on the wide side. Once the handle is centered, mark where holes are in handle. On the 24in thin side, mark a point at 3in and 15in, and then flip the piece and mark at 9 in and 20in on the opposite side. Make sure to work on a hard, safe surface to allow for hammering and not losing parts.

Step 2: Creating Pilot Holes for Handle and Hooks

Use a nail and hammer to make pilot holes on the marks made in step 1. Remove nail, leaving pilot hole for screw insertion

Step 3: Installing the Handle

Align the handle with the pilot holes that you made in step 2. Use your screwdriver or electric screw gun to tighten down the screws into the top of the board by turning them clockwise until they are firmly seated into the wood.

Step 4: Installing the Hooks

Using the pilot holes made in step 2, take one hook at a time and thread it into the long sides of the board that do not have a handle attached. Twist the hooks in clockwise until the threaded portion of the hook is fully inserted into the board. Ideally, there will be no metal exposed. Be sure to align all the hooks facing with the cup of the hook at the bottom of the board.

Step 5: Finished!

Congratulations, you are ready to use your GrowlerBuddy to carry as much craft beer as you can handle. To use, loop the hooks of the GrowlerBuddy through the handles of the filled growlers that you are wanting to carry. It is easiest to carry growlers in sets of 2, as they balance each other nicely that way.

If you are feeling creative, you can add hooks to the unused ends of the GrowlerBuddy to add more carrying capacity. If you commonly carry 3 growlers, try installing another hook on the bottom of the board, right under the handle. Then, use 2 opposite locations on the sides and the bottom for a well-balanced carrier.

Drink up and make good decisions!



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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Quick note: I saw this in action when they presented it for a class. It works. Gentlemen, put a picture of it in action up please!


    4 years ago

    Great idea...thanks for sharing your 'ible.
    A picture of it in action (holding growlers) would help the project make sense to the uninitiated! Would recommend your opening pic be of this awesome project in use...scurrying off to scrounge up the material to make my own version!


    4 years ago

    That's funny. I have always thought of a growler as what you bark out in the bathroom the day after a big meal or trip to the buffet.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat idea! I would love to see a photo of it in action.