The Gutter Sucker (Rev 2)

Introduction: The Gutter Sucker (Rev 2)

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The Gutter Sucker is an attachment for a wet/dry shop vac that uses 2.5" attachments to help reduce the amount of ladder time one has to have when cleaning their gutters out.

A Few notes before getting started:

  • I've only tested this out with my shop vac which takes 2.5" attachments, I assume that with a different rubber adapter on the bottom I can make it work with other shop vacs
  • This attachment works great for single story houses or gutters that you can reach from ground level with one to three tube extenders (or longer abs pipe), it might work for people that don't want to climb up super high
  • ABS is NOT rated for pressure! I do not recommend using a leaf blower on it!
  • I have not tried this out with leaves as most of the trees on and near my property are Evergreens, this works super great on needles, I don't know how well it will work on wet leaves
  • this will NOT work with any sort of leaf guard in place!
  • the original idea came from this instructable, I liked the main idea but the hardware store I went to only sold abs pipe in 2' and 10' lengths and I needed a slight angle to get into my gutters all the way, also the return fitting didn't go out long enough to make it down all the way to the bottom of the gutters.
  • this will not make your gutters sparkle, and if you have a small leaf guard in the downspout holes I don't know how well it'll get cleaned out. This attachment however makes it super quick and easy to clean out your gutters multiple times a month!

To make one you will require:

  • 2+' of 1.5" ABS pipe
  • a 1.5" sink trap (Also called a 'return' fitting)
  • a 1.5" 22.5 deg STREET elbow
  • a 2" to 1.5" rubber pipe adapter
  • a bit of string
  • pvc or abs pipe glue (this is just to keep it together, it doesn't need to be water tight)

To assemble:

  • cut off about 4-6" of pipe (You might want to measure your own gutters first)
  • clean and glue the return fitting to the LONG piece of pipe and glue the SHORT piece to the 22.5 deg street elbow, do NOT glue the street elbow to the return fitting!
  • Once the glue is dry tie on a bit of string to the return fitting and the other end to the short street elbow assembly.
  • Attach the rubber pipe adapter to the base of the long pipe and attach the 2" section to a RIDGED shop vac hose attachment. Tighten both hose clamps.

Thats it! Take it out and suck away!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I really need to make something like this for my gutters. I perpetually have problems with leaves and standing water in my gutters.


    Reply 1 year ago

    my main issue is with pine needles and small branches. Leaf guard gutter systems don't work with these trees and make cleaning impossible. Other systems are way to expensive. This at least gives you a fighting chance!

    I'll be posting a seperator I made to help combat frequent filling/changing of the shop vac, stay tuned!