The Guy's Hanger

Introduction: The Guy's Hanger

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Around here it's still hot but with Fall right around the corner again it's almost time to break out the light jacket for those chilly mornings, around my house it's also time for my wife to complain about that jacket. Well more to the point when I go in my office after being outside I usually just toss my jacket on the back of the chair. Like usual as well around she comes with that look like I did something wrong, and of course it's always followed up with "Why can't you ever hang up your jacket"? I respond "It Is, it's hanging up on the chair", she just shakes her head picks up the jacket and hangs it up somewhere else. So with love and caring for the woman I'm spending my life with I came up with:

"The Guy's Hanger"

Step 1: Materials

Neodymium Magnets (or rare earth magnets, can be found in any craft store, or hack them from an old hard drive)
Sewing needle
Metal door or some other piece of metal somewhere ( perhaps a conveniently placed screw with a big washer on it, in the wall)

Sewing machine (I'm still learning for some bigger projects I need to try)
Glue gun or tape

Step 2: It's a Magnet?

Yes a magnetic hanging system very easy to accomplish.

First take you jacket look inside the collar should be a tag, usually that have either a folded over loop or a tag, if no tag don't worry I'll address that in a minute. In my case my jacket has a tag.

Take a Neodymium Magnet (very strong magnet) place it under the tag
Then with a thread and needle sew the tag around the magnet ( for demonstration purpose I used a black thread, but for looks I would use a matching color thread to your jacket.

Your all done! Now it's time to test it!

Step 3: Testing!!!

Ok when I first stuck the jacket to the painted metal door, the jacket slide down the door, my first thought was to sew in couple more to spread out the holding strentgh, perhaps in the sleeves or something, (which I've done something similar before and it solved the problem)

In this case however I just wanted something quick and simple, so next I tried a piece of tape to create a ridge, no luck the fabric being smooth it slid right past it, that meant not enough ridge. So I folded another peice of tape over and placed it under the original one creating a buldge it viola it work threw the jack at the door and it stop right there. Maybe I'll go back later with a hot glue gun and clear glue and run a bead across across the door instead of tape for a more lasting solution.

I "think" this would work with t shirts, light jackets, windbreakers and any other light weight material.

Finally the fun part began waiting for my wife to see it!

Before starting this I looked up what effects magnets might have on the spinal cord being next to it all the time, only to find out that most magnetic bracelets are made to have a magnetic therapy element, and that its actually supposed to be healthy rather than harmful ( it seems that long term exposure only to electro-magnets could have side effects). While I still skeptical on the whole concept of a therapeutic magnets, I figured I'd mention it. I don't think there would be any long term effects...

But I-I-I-I-I-I-I'll let you know, if-if-if-if-if anything happens! 

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