The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280





Introduction: The H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280

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My sweet new cannon!
It has outstanding power, looks and has a crazy range!
About 80 ft!
I do think this is one of my biggest guns ever even, bigger than the A.D.U!
This was supossed to become the V2 for the A.D.U but it now has wheels so i can't really call it a V2.
Anyway, great gun and a must for everyone (with a lot of pieces) with nothing to build!
Now for some pros and no's:

-Awesome range
-Looks great
-Very powerful
-Drives smooth
-Scares anyone instantly

-Very high part use (view parts list)

You likey?
Let's get to building then!

Step 1: Parts List

96 yellows
30 greens
21 reds
50 oranges
4 joint sockets
2 black hinge pieces
8 whites
4 tan clips
54 purples
14 dark blues
17 light greys
47 greys
36 grey spacers
16 blue spacers

7 greys
30 reds
25 yellows
104 blues
116 whites
83 greens
4 big purple/yellow/limegreen bendies
1 blue bendie

55 small bands or, 10 royal red postal bands
10 wheels
2 Big wheels

2 blues
2 whites
4 greens

1 purple 'n dark blue together
3 yellows

1 64# band
1 grey gear
1 wheel

3 greys
2 whites

3 greens
3 reds
27 light greys
2 y-shapes

Hope you have the pieces.
If so,
Let's move on then!

Step 2: The Wheels

Pretty basic chassis but still pretty good.
Build it 1 time.

Step 3: Barrel

Pretty long since it needs to build up some force to get the bullet out of the barrel.
Build it 1 time.

Step 4: Trigger

On of the most interesting parts on the gun since,
it's upside-downed.

Step 5: Top

Just for strength and keeping the barrel open.

Step 6: Bow-ish Thing

This is just for making the pull-back of the bands better and quicker.

Step 7: Sides

Just for strength and a straight barrel.

Step 8: Bottom Barrel

Also, for strength and straighting the barrel.

Step 9: Top 'n Bottom Connector

This part holds the back part of the top and the back part of the barrel together.

Step 10: Top

The Top!
For added strength and straighting the barrel.

Step 11: Back Wheels

For a smoother ride.

Step 12: Scope-ish Thing

This part is unnecesary but, it makes it look more smooth.

Step 13: Camera Add-On

This one can only be used for the Traveler DV 5070 Camera and others of the same width.

Step 14: Bullet

Same bullet used in th A.D.U but still the same undefeatable damage!

Step 15: Get These!

Need 20 of 'em.
Collect them and move on to the assembly line (finally).

Step 16: Get These (Too)

Need 55 of 'em.
Go collect them and now, we can move on!

Step 17: Assembly

Having Trouble?
Post your problem in a comment, and i'll help as soon as possible.

Step 18: Band Emplacement

Heres how to put 'em on.

Do Pic 2 and 3, 6 times.

Step 19: You're Done!!!

Well you've built the H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280!
Have freaking much fun with my knex gun!



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    Dude, you really need to make some more detailed instructions and more noob friendly

    Lol, don't be, just never point it at yourself, made that mistake myself. Big ####ing bruise on my arm for 2 weeks, lol. Gotta have some pain for the K'nex building X)

    Yes, that's how you mount the bottom half and the top half together.


    in every knex cannon/ bazooka i have made, i can always find ways to make the stronger

    Apparently no, because almost all knex annons have them near the front of the barrel, as i show in Viccie.B1993's other cannon: