The Hacksaw Blade - Cajon Kick Pedal Adapter





Introduction: The Hacksaw Blade - Cajon Kick Pedal Adapter

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Build your own adapter for a cajon so you can use your existing kick pedal with it when you're looking for a different percussion sound. A 3D printable version of this (I printed using nylon material for greater strength and flexibility) is available at



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    In the attached picture you see the cajon as a seat used to play the drum set. When I use the cajon as a floor tom I place the green round matt on top of the cajon. It acts as a sound dampener and I like the tone it creates with the straw brushes I use, also shown in this picture


    Thanks for the quick response. That's a pretty interesting looking set. Do you have any videos of it being played?!

    It has evolved since I shot this video, but here is a brief clip of an early version: