The Halloween Projector Project

Introduction: The Halloween Projector Project

This is my first instructable.
I used my old Leica slides projector that popped out of the attic. I thought it would be awsome to project some Jack-o'-lantern photos on the wall of the house during the Halloween night. And it worked just fine!
All you need is some empty slides frames and a couple of transparent printable sheets.
I googled for some halloween images, sized them to fit to the slide window and printed them on a laser colour printer.

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Step 1: Cut and Paste!

Cut the prints and fit them in the slides frames. While cutting try to avoid touching the printed image, because your fingerprints will be projected, too!
Make sure that the film is perfectly flat, otherwise you won't be able to focus the projected image properly.
Use some glue un the corners if necessary. Then close firmly the frame and you're done!

Step 2: Try Before You Go on Stage

Check the quality of your slides. The more resolution your printer has, the better. Black and white images have poor quality, but they are visible from long distances. On the other hand colour images are darker, but much more showy.

Step 3: Lights, Motors, Action!

Find the right place to hide the projector and be sure that the beam has no obstacles in front of it.
Choose the best screen possible: a white wall is the best but, as you can see, a brick wall will also do the trick.
If you have an automatic or a Carousel projector set it to change the images once in a while.
An extra option is to add a stereo with some creepy souds.

Step 4: Video

Here is a video i made for the purpose:

Hope you enjoy!

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