The Hamburglars

After scouring the internet and going from store to store to get ideas on what to be for Halloween, our idea of the "Hamburglars" simply came about while we were eating McDonald's cheeseburgers. My girlfriend was the one who put both our costumes together. We ordered prison costumes from Ebay, which were a total of $12 combined. We also bought the red ties and red gloves from Ebay for $1 each and a red wig for $10. We then went to Target to purchase two bandit hats and the thigh high stockings. We also went to Jo Ann's Fabric store to purchase yellow ribbon. Lastly, we went to Party City to buy the black masks, which were $1 each. Luckily, we saved our black capes from previous Halloween costumes and was able to use it again to pull off the Hamburglar look.  

My girlfriend printed out on regular white paper pictures of burgers and used a hot glue gun to stick it onto our ties. She then used the hot glue gun to stick the yellow ribbon onto our hats. It took us less than an hour to get ready and head out for our fun-filled night. To top everything off, we bought burgers from McDonald's because we couldn't be Hamburglars without our hamburgers. Our costumes were a total hit and we even passed out our burgers to people.  

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