"The Hammer" Paper Airplane

Introduction: "The Hammer" Paper Airplane

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This is my favorite paper airplane that I have ever made.
It is a fairly easy Dart class plane. Also it has a weighted tip that gives it a little bit more thrust. So the herder you throw the plane the faster and farther it travels.

Small, tough and unfairly fast, this is the ride of choice for paper fighter pilots. There simply isn't a better way to his top speed with a sheet of paper.

Plus there is NO cutting or taping necessary.

So here we go.....The Hammer -->-->-->

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Step 1:

pic 1-2: Make a perfect diagonal crease. Then unfold it.
pic 3-4: Do the same thing with the other corner. Fold and unfold.

Step 2:

pic 1: You should now have a big X in your paper.
pic 2: Fold upper-right corner down, putting the long edge on the crease you just made
pic 3: Make the same fold withe the upper-left corner.

Step 3:

pic 1: Fold in half, then unfold.
pic 2: Important: see note on picture.
pic 3: Fold the top edge to the bottom, make sure to line up the creases.
pic 4-5: Fold the new upper-right corner to the center of the creased X. Do the same on the other side
pic 6: Unfold the last two folds. It should look like this.

Step 4:

pic 1-2: Follow notes on picture
pic 3: Fold the diagonal edge on the right side to the crease you made in pic 4-5 in the last step.
pic 4: Repeat on the left side.
pic 5: fold both sides in along the creases you made in pic 4-5 in the last step.

Step 5:

pic 1: Fold the top flap down as far as it will go.
pic 2: Fold in half.
pic 3: fold the wing down so that the edge sits in the bottom corner.
pic 4: Flip over. Fold the other wing so that it's right on top of the first

Step 6: Finishing Toutches

Unfold the wings so that your plane forms a V shape.

You are done. Go outside an throw that plan as hard as you can and watch it fly.

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3 years ago

works well if u make properly


3 years ago



5 years ago

Where did you learn this?


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Probably the same place you did. A "Ultimate book of Paper Airplane" by KLUTZ. I just loved this plane so much I though that I should share it with those who don't have the book

— S.O.D. —


5 years ago

I have a book with the exact same instructions

I would probably advise against making this, because it honestly doesn't fly that well. If you do want to make this plane, you should probably visit somewhere else, as this tutorial is below-standard.