The Hanging Lamps




Introduction: The Hanging Lamps

I love to create creativ electrical objects or repair electrical preparations.

This creation is a nice looking hanging lamp which is very easy to make.

All the things you need are very easy to get.

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Step 1: Make a Plan

To choose the material, we need to make a plan of the lamp.

Draw the whole structure of the lamp.

Measure all the lengths of the cable and the cross ropes that you need.

Calculate 20% more for the cabels and the ropes to be sure you have enough.

I have used plastic lamp sockets and a plastic distribution box for the safty.

You don`t have to ground all this, if it is made out of plastic.

Things we need

    1. Cable
    2. Ropes
    3. Nails
    4. Lamp sockets
    5. Light bulbs
    6. Electric distribution box
    7. Screw terminals
    8. Power plug
    9. Tools
    10. Additionals (switch, dimmer, ferrules, cable clings)

    Step 2: Tighten the Cross Ropes

    I have used a nylon rope for the cross ropes.

    It is very strong and transparent. To fix the ropes i have used strong nails.

    Assure you that the rope is good stretched. Otherwise the ropes will hang down with the lamp on it.

    If the lamps hang down to much, use small steel ropes with nylon coating.

    Step 3: Editing the Distribution Box

    For my lamp i need 6 holes in the box. Five for the lamp cable and one for the power cable.

    We need the screw terminals to connect the wires in the box.

    Step 4: Edit the Bulb Cable

    Cut the cabels in the right lengths for the lamps.

    Assemble a lamp socket on each lamp cable. Make sure it is save assembled.

    Prepare the other side of the cabel to connect it in the distribution box to the screw terminals.

    I use ferrules anywhere for more safety. It is not a must, but it helps a lot.

    Never tin the end of the cable, when you pull it in a screw terminal.

    Step 5: Edit the Power Cable

    Cut the cabel in the right length for the power cable.

    Assemble the power plug on one side and prepare the other side to connect it into the distribution box.

    Step 6: Additionals

    In my case I have installed a dimmer and a switch to regulate the brightness of the lamps.

    If you only want to turn the lamp on and off you can assemble only a switch in to the power cable.

    Following the instruction from the dimmer or the switch to assemble it into the power cable.

    Step 7: Connect All Wires

    Screw all the cabels together as on the schematic.

    Control that all screws are tightened.

    Install the zip ties on the cable, so they can`t be pulled out by anyone.

    Assemble the distribution box to the place where you want it.

    I have used double-sided tapes.

    Hanging the cabels over the cross ropes as you like it.

    I have hidden the cable for the power.

    To attach the cabel on the wood, use cable clings.

    Screw the bulb in the lamp socket.

    Have fun with your new lamp.

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      3 years ago

      This is great! I love how it fits the room!