The Hangover

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Here is a classic look for Halloween that always gets plenty of attention.

This is the classic look from the Hangover(Allen) prior to the drunken debauchery.
All you need is to order the shirt for about $20, throw on a pair of khakis, an old pair of tennis shoes.
Grow your hair and beard out and let yourself go and gain about 10 solid fat pounds in the belly.
Lastly you will need to get the almighty satchel .....Its not a purse......and fill it with lots of skittles to hand out to the ladies.

To turn this into the hungover version just wrap your wrist with an ace bandage untuck the shirt and throw on some aviator sunglasses.

So if you wanna have a blast this Halloween give this a try and if your feeling antsy try and find a monkey shave your head and go as Allen from the second movie.(but good luck with that)



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