The Haunted House Flash Light/ Headlight

Introduction: The Haunted House Flash Light/ Headlight

To continue on with my trend of making an instructable for a contest i submit to you, how to make a haunted house flash light.

You may ask what's a haunted house flashlight? for me its just a normal flashlight that both fits into your costume and is practical to light up the rooms when some one has lost something or to temporarily blind a rowdy patron :D (trust me i have had to do that more than once).

this instructable is less of a guide and more to give ideas on how to add a light into your costume for not only safety but for look as well. i will be showing you how i made the 2 lights i have made so far

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Step 1: Choose Your Base

In my case I chose a bunch of cheap LED head lamps from my local bargain/ junk store and mostly because it was cheap. I wanted a hands free light mostly because i have my hands filled with fake weapons and with it being on my head i will drop it alot less and makes if alot easy to light up things just by looking at it

When looking for a light you want to use keep in mind this must in some way fit with your costume/ character, that its some what easy to alter and that it can take a punishment.

I chose my first blue headlights to work with a helmet I have but now slowly I think I'm not going to use the helmet this year, which is why the gray lights make an appearance but more on that later.

Step 2: Hmmm That Would Go Great Here, No How About Here

Think about how you want yours to look and what your haunted house character is about or steam punk / cyber goth outfit. The way I went about designing theses lights were, the first one kinda looked like a mining helmet with the light on it so I added the orange cap to reinforce that idea.The second light I wanted much more of a doctor look, so I decided to make a light up version of a doctors mirror hat thing. With every thing i add to one of these lights i want to make sure it obscures the light a little bit and doesn't look like a flash light a first look.

The first light I altered using a Jagermeister light up button I got at ozzfest, I pulled the lens off of the light and save the internals for another project. To remove the logo off of the face I used a cloth and some rubbing alcohol and it came right off.

The second light I altered using a disk from an old 4gb hard drive. to get the platter out of the hard drive make sure you have a torque screw driver to open up hard drives or if your luck and find one old enough you may just need a normal screw driver. the only real thing you need to make sure is that the platters are metal and won't shatter because the last thing you want is it to shatter while its on your forehead.

Step 3: A Few Minor Alerations

a few minor alterations

For the mining light the alterations I did was before I put the cap on I used a dermal tool to cut and X or  + into the lens and used some sharpies to darken the lens that was still there. Then I glued the jager cap onto the lens tested it out a few times and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

For the doctors mirror the only alterations I have done and used is I ruffed up the lens to frost its a little bit so my light is no so blinding. The other alteration i did but have yet to use is I really ruffed up a metal hard drive disk, make sure its metal or it will shatter and slice you us VERY BADLY.

Step 4: Glue It or Loose It

this step is not that complicated

for the mining light just use some super glue or epoxy around the inside rim and press the lens against the inside of the cap and is should fit nice and snug

now for the doctors mirror, you need to sand the back of the hard drive disk  right were you are going to attach it, and i suggest you use an epoxy that works on both plastic and metal.

just let every thing dry and then test it out


YOUR DONE so by now you have either made my mining light or my doctors mirror or your just humoring me lol.

if you have any tips or ideas feel free to tell me and if i like them i'll include them here if you would like.

i am bound to add more to this in the future when i finally hammer out a few detail with the straps for the head light so its no longer says LED HEAD LAMP  on the side

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