The Headhunter XL

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This project stemmed off of the headhunter (obviously) but it was ineffective in war because I don't have many blue clips. The headhunter NEEDED an upgrade. The headhunter XL shoots grey clips instead of blue clips for better range easier to find and more power. I won't post instructions because it's easy to convert the original headhunter into this ammo type

Some stats
Ammo grey clips 9 in mag
Range 23 ft
Sights added
Improved grip and trigger
Minor improvements


Ok since the knex community is dying here I want to contact KNEX about maybe funding or sponsoring an instructables like website dedicated to any and all knex creations. If anyone would like to help give me a yell



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    3 years ago

    Looks nice:-) Better aesthetically than a lot of pistols I've seen :)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Please don't try anything about a site with the help of K'nex. TheDunkis wanted to try a new site, but Oodalumps pointed out that would be a bad idea. Anyway, a site may get us more popular, but would K'nex like us building guns? I've talked with TD about this before. Their nerf guns won't do much, but there are K'nex guns that shoot though pop cans, and can put out an eye. And they would probably want us to build only in classic K'nex, or add orange tips, and have disclaimers and all sorts of awful stuff. I don't think it would be for the best.

    I liked TD's knex site idea, but getting involved with KNEX is asking for lots of hassle that might not be worth it.

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    KNEX used to have a KNEX club that I was a member of but you could just share some pictures and other stuff and it was not that good and they removed it from the site. So i don't think they would want to try something like that again. BTW are you on KNEX Connect on G+?