The Housefly - Macro Approach Without Fancy Camera




Hello Guys,
This is my first try so plese dont mind in case i  make any mistakes, I have always been very fascinated  about the insect world especially the way they look upclose so the following images are just an example as to how these humble bugs look more like aliens  from a movie,i managed to capture these with a Canon IXUS 950IS digital camera which is the most common type of camera found in every house ofcourse in macro mode.

These are some of the things necassary to get a good macro shot and i was lucky to capture a mating pair in the frame (dont be disgusted ;) )

Make Sure Your Subject Is Perfect
When you're working at such close focusing distances any imperfections become more noticeable and they can end up distracting the viewer or spoiling what could be an excellent shot

Switch To Manual Focus
When working close to a subject autofocus tends to end up searching backwards and forwards for something to focus on. Eventually it may focus on the right point but it's much quicker to switch over to manual where you'll be able to focus more precisely. If you're not used to using manual focus it can take a little bit of practice but if you try shooting flowers, fungi and other objects which are less likely to fly or run off, you don't have to rush so can take your time in getting your focusing spot-on

Avoid Shake
Camera shake is more noticeable when working close to your subject so always use a tripod or just keep your hands steady.

Thank you and do click on the pics to have a nice and enlarged views and finally my apologies for any mistakes

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice photos.

    May be would be useful if you say the approximate distance object-objective at each photo.

    Nice pictures & some useful tips.
    If you want to get even closer you could try experimenting with some home made macro lenses, although you may have trouble getting flies to keep still when you are that close I've found insects & arachnids are usually quite accommodating.