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Introduction: The DoomFire Sniper

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Hi!! I just Made this, Its a turreted sniper.
-Pump action!
-Shoots as far as a KnexSayer
-18 shots!
-good stock
-True trigger
- Looks scary!

- Heavy
-Kind of ugly
-Use's lot of parts




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    has there been a semi-automatic sniper posted yet? i want to have a gun accurate enough to shoot squirrels, but have multiple shots before i reload

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    A: I have a lot in my neighborhood
    B: My BB gun is broken
    C: Who doesn't want to shoot stuff?
    D: Dogs are--SQUIRREL!!!
    .............( 00 )../......\.....

    your floor is very dirty with lots of knex pieces, and a very angry foot

    But you have a nice gun

    Nice gun, but there is just one thing in the description I just don't undertand...

    "This is a great gun!"

    and a few lines later...


    What is that supposed to mean?

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    Most of this is complete overkill.  You are also sacrificing a decent foregrip for the sake of a string trigger.  This is almost as big as the knexsayer, except it's not as good because it's not a pump action.  If you want a good long ranged turreted gun just build the TR or something.

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    I don't hate you.  I don't hate your guns.  I am giving criticism to help you improve on your future designs.