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If you like dinosaurs and want a one of a kind personalized card for your better or worse half, follow the directions or print the document. Currently this document is only available as a word document and although it looks messed up in google drive, it should look fine when you download and open it in MS Word.  I took the pictures and edited them in Photoshop.

URL for document: Valentine "I rawr-ve you" Card
URL for doc with page orientation update: Valentine "I rawr-ve you" Card V2
URL for doc with page orientation update: Valentine "I rawr-ve you" Card V3

The word document will have two pages, but is meant to be printed as a duplex sheet where page 1 is the front, and page 2 is the back.

SUGGESTION:  Print on greeting card paper or colored paper, resume paper can work

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Step 1: Cut Out a Heart and Position It in Toy's Hand

Because symmetry is overrated, just cut the shape out.  

Have your toy hold the paper heart, it doesn't have to be a dinosaur, it could be batman or an angry bird.  Take a picture.

Step 2: Cut the Heart Up to Make a Bite on the Heart

Cut out an oval, then keep cutting small triangles off the oval for the teeth.

Once again have your toy pose with the paper heart and have it "eat" the heart.

Step 3: Photoshop Your Images and Make a Card

or print the one I made if you like the images I made.  
The images were made using three layered filters: posterize, posterize, cutout
Then the main object was selected, only to revert the selection and use the inverse.  
Once the inverse selection was made, I pressed ctrl+F to re apply the three layer filter over till I was satisfied with the line thickness.

Other adjustments to the filter layers can be individually made.

Once both selected card images have been edited in the same manner, you can now put them in a card :D

The URL for the downloadable word document:  The "I rawr-ve you" Card      (Manual Double Sided)
URL for doc with page orientation update: Valentine "I rawr-ve you" Card V2  (Automatic Double sided - Image on inside right)
URL for doc with page orientation update: Valentine "I rawr-ve you" Card V3  (Automatic Double sided - Image on Left)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's great, love the artwork! One question: isn't the "inside" image upside down according to the screenshots you've provided?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You are actually right! Sorry. I usually just manually insert the paper into the printer myself for these kind of projects so it depends on how you load it. However, I can make this change and add a second link. Thanks for catching that!