Closet With Changing Table




External family project at my sister, Brother in law and the future baby;-)

To develop the project we started with a picture of the current situation. After this we made some sketches and did research on the internet.

Lets say the idea has born.

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Step 1: Collect the Dimensions and Materials

After we have measured the wall we knew the maximum dimensions.

We made a list of materials we needed:

1. furniture panels white, MDF White, OSB (construction plates)
2. Brackets
3. Screws with white caps
4. Magnets
5. Hinges
6. White silicone (kit)
7. Sandpaper
8. Accessories

Step 2: Closet

We started with sawing and building the closet (without the doors, this is our last step when everything is complete).

Step 3: Changing Table

After the closet we started with the changing table, i must say: it starts to look like something!

Step 4: Placing Doors and Panels

As you can see the project is almost finished.

Step 5: Lady's Job

Time to finish and decorate!

And Thats way the cookie crumbles;)

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    2 years ago

    Nice job, looks really great