The Incredibles Airplane

It doesn't require any engineering or anything like that to create a basic paper airplane. But why go basic when you can have something really incredible?

What You'll Need
Black piece of paper
Hole punch
Black pipe cleaner


Step 1: How to Make It

Fold the paper in half longwise.

Note: white paper is being used because it's easier to see. Also, the folds to make are marked with a dotted line on each step.

Step 2:

Open the paper and then fold the two top corners down.

Step 3:

Fold down the triangle you just made with those two corners.

Step 4:

Place a dot one inch above the point of the triangle you just folded. Fold each corner into meet that dot.

Step 5:

Fold the point over those folds you just made to the dot.

Step 6:

Turn the plane over and fold it in half.

Step 7:

Fold each side down to create wings. The nose of this plane does not come to a point, so leave 1/4 inch at the front before you fold.

Step 8:

With a hole punch, create two holes at the tip of the airplane.
Using a pipe cleaner thread though the back hole and then criss-cross through the front hole and mold ends to look like the Incredibles plane nose.

Step 9:

It's all ready, now take it for a spin.



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