Cowtown Collaboration Center

Hi, I'm Randall "texrat" Arnold.  I was born June 5, 1961 and have been making and breaking things ever since.

For the past several years I've been involved with open source and maker communities around the world.  I want to bring some of their can-do spirit home and create a public makerspace in Fort Worth, Texas.

Makerspaces are centers for innovation, collaboration, learning and fostering start-ups. Many traditional barriers to idea generation are removed by encouraging openness.  Resources that independent crafters may not be able to afford on their own are readily available at low or no cost.

I've proposed this as part of a local urban renewal program and it's very popular!  I'm participating in Jack Daniel's Independence Project in the hopes that the prize money can help get things going.

Thanks for watching!

(example shown in thumbnail: Hackerspace Charlotte)



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